Fashion New York - Shmack

In New york city it cost 129.99 dollars!

I have both woman and men sizes.

Woman sizes: 36-40

Men sizes: 40-46

The price is now 600 kronors!!!!

Hip-hop, skate zone, running shoes shoelaces.

Color: Red, blue, green, orange, yellow

Packaging: Free Plastic Box Packaging

Continuous length of time up to 60 hours bright, shining up to 70 hours, the battery can be replaced!

10 for 500 kronor

These are usually 20 dollars each!

The reason why im selling 10 per order is because I have 100 shoe laces that need to go!

If you would like to order please let me know before time.

Hip hop popular Headphones with five colors in stock!

Black with White Star, Red with White Star, Blue with White Star, Pink with White Star, White with Black star.

Regular price- 300 each
Now - 150 each

Free shipping!!!!!

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